Concerned about your own or
someone else’s drug use?

Concerned about someone’s drug use?

Clinical practice

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Working together to respond to methamphetamine and new and emerging drugs of concern.

NCCRED Webinars

NCCRED and SVHS are hosting a series of webinars Friday 2pm-2:30pm

Methamphetamine clinical guide for primary healthcare professionals

A clinical guide to assessment, management, advice and treatment for Primary healthcare professionals engaging with clients who use methamphetamine has been developed by NCCRED, and is available online. This resource will be available to order in booklet form shortly.

NCCRED clinical researchers publish

extensive systematic review of drug treatments for methamphetamine dependence


This is a comprehensive clinical resource for Health Care Workers wanting to know more about pharmacotherapies for MA dependence



Find out about and review a list of Grants that have been awarded by NCCRED thus far

NCCRED National Symposium

All presentations from the The NCCRED National symposium held on Sunday 10th November, 2019