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Prompt Response Network

Prompt Response Network

The Prompt Response Network

The Prompt Response Network (PRN) will collaborate with clinicians, consumers, harm reduction service providers and other key stakeholders, to facilitate an awareness of emerging substances and effectively disseminate timely alerts and advisories with health promotion messaging.  


The PRN will pull together local anecdotal information and clinical based events with input from national and international data sources to develop notifications of clinical and public health relevance nationally. The PRN aims to empower individuals and communities by providing timely notifications with health promotion messaging related to the use of potentially hazardous and emerging substances. The messaging for the alerts, advisories and health promotion communication will be developed with input from consumers and key stakeholders to ensure the information is clear and relevant.  Multiple channels will be used to communicate the alerts/advisories with the hope of increasing awareness and to allow people to make informed decisions.  


The PRN will facilitate collaboration across jurisdictions while being sensitive to, and avoiding duplication of, existing efforts to communicate information regarding events of concern and emerging substances. This will expand the collaboration and information exchange networks within and across jurisdictions and federally regarding events of concern 


The Prompt Response Network will be more that a warning system, which disseminates information to key stakeholders and the public. The Prompt Response Network is a collaborated effort to empower consumers and communities and ultimately reduce the risk of events  related to emerging substances.