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Clinical Research Training Programs

NCCRED Clinical Research Scholarship Program 2020

NCCRED has held its second round of competitive applications for Clinical Research Scholars, which were awarded in December 2020. This round of applications was focused on Allied Health and Nursing and resulted in NCCRED awarding two Clinical Research Scholars who will start in early 2021.

The following two applicants were selected and have since accepted the position.

Dr Elizabeth Knock

NCCRED Scholar
Dr Elizabeth Knock is a clinical psychologist leading an allied health team of counsellors at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, Alcohol and Drug Service Outpatients and Stimulant Treatment Program. She provides
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Dr James Gooden

NCCRED Scholar
Dr James Gooden is a clinical neuropsychologist and clinician researcher based at the Turning Point Neuropsychology Clinic in Richmond, Victoria, where he provides specialised neuropsychological assessments
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