Concerned about your own or
someone else’s drug use?

Dr Krista Siefried

Clinical Research Lead

Krista is an experienced Clinical Project Manager of multi-centre randomised clinical trials, cohort studies, and case-control studies. She has extensive experience in academic investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored research.

Krista’s background as a Registered Nurse lead her to Clinical Research, where she has worked at every level of Clinical Research in various therapeutic areas including Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery, Neurology, HIV Medicine and pharmacotherapy for methamphetamine use disorder.

Most recently, Krista’s research has focused on adults living with HIV in Australia. As part of her PhD studies, she implemented a national cohort study across 17 sites; building on existing research relationships and extending this to increase capacity by involving less research-experienced clinical sites. In collaboration with people living with HIV, social scientists, and clinicians; she developed a longitudinal study to determine clinical outcomes of people taking antiretroviral therapy (ART) for HIV.