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Protocol title: Methamphetamine and Emerging Drugs Australian Clinical Research Priority Setting Study

Protocol version: 2.0, 25 January 2019 (Approved by St Vincent’s Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee ID:2018/ETH00671)

The National Centre for Clinical Research on Emerging Drugs (NCCRED) was established as a part of the Australian Commonwealth Department of Health National Ice Action Strategy. A primary aim of NCCRED is to develop, implement and disseminate innovative and effective evidence-based treatment interventions that can be applied to the use of methamphetamines and new and emerging substances. Crucial to achieving this aim, and a defined activity for the Centre, is the establishment and support of clinical trials.

To determine the priority areas for clinical research and the  essential questions that stakeholders (consumers, concerned others, clinicians, researchers, experts, institutions / organisations and other interested community members) wish to see answered by clinical research, NCCRED will conduct a research priority setting study. The study will be developed using the guidance provided in the Nine Common Themes of Good Practice, a published checklist for guiding research priority setting procedures (Viergever RF, et al 2010).

The study will consist of three phases: 1) an online survey of key stakeholders (listed above); 2) a qualitative thematic analysis (assessment of survey responses by NCCRED staff), and; 3) an independent expert panel review, including ranking themes in order of popularity and against a pre-established set of criteria (e.g. answerability and feasibility for implementation).

The results of the study will be used to inform NCCRED on the research priorities that NCCRED-sponsored clinical trials and funding programs should aim to address. Secondary outcomes will compare and contrast the priorities identified by various stakeholder groups. Results will be published to ensure transparency of the methods. When published, as the only peer-reviewed Alcohol and Other Drug Sector health research priority setting exercise published in Australia, the results may inform other funding bodies, policymakers, and clinical researchers.

The Survey is now closed and results will be published shortly.

If you would like more information on the Survey please contact us seperatelyThis is so that you remain anonymous and your responses are separate from your contact details.

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NCCRED have funded clinical researchers through competitive grants of nearly $1.8 million AUD. Two types of funding rounds were established: Seed Funding Grants and Capacity Building Grants. NCCRED grants are currently closed but for more information on awarded grants


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