Concerned about your own or
someone else’s drug use?

Take Home Naloxone in Australia

Death from opioid overdose is preventable.

During an opioid overdose, the central nervous system slows down, and can stop a person from breathing. Naloxone is a short-acting drug that can temporarily reverse the effect of an opioid overdose, and give that person the ability to breathe again.

Naloxone is currently available nationally as a nasal spray or in a pre-filled syringe. In all states, Nyxoid® nasal spray and Prenoxad® pre-filled syringes are available over the counter from a pharmacy. With some basic training, it can be administered by anyone.

In New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia, the ‘Take Home Naloxone’ pilot offers Naloxone free of charge from community and hospital-based pharmacies, alcohol and drug treatment centres, needle and syringe programs, custodial release programs and GP clinics. Visit the Take Home Naloxone Pilot page for further details.

Take Home Naloxone is available for free to people who use drugs, their friends and families through the services listed below.

If you do not see your service listed on this page, or find a contact out-of-date, please contact penny.hill@unsw.edu.au

This list is current as of August 2021.

How naloxone works – Mental Health Commission of Western Australia

How naloxone works – NIDA (USA)

The National Naloxone Reference Group (NNRG) has created an infographic to present up-to-date information on take home naloxone access across Australia. This resource will be updated each time the NNRG meets, roughly every two months.

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory

Free take home naloxone training and a voucher system is now available from ACT primary needle syringe programs. Peer training provided by the Canberra Alliance  for Harm Minimisation & Advocacy (CAHMA): Ph (02) 6253 3643, info@cahma.org.au, Community Centre: 17/54 Benjamin Way, Belconnen 2617

New South Wales

New South Wales is part of the Commonwealth Government’s Take Home Naloxone Program

Through the program, NSW Health provides free access to naloxone: https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/aod/programs/Pages/naloxone.aspx

NGOs and community pharmacies that supply take home naloxone in NSW, listed on the YourRoom website. Most public health needle and syringe programs also supply take home naloxone- those lists sit halfway down this page:  https://yourroom.health.nsw.gov.au/getting-help/Pages/Naloxone.aspx#Where

Northern Territory

Northern Territory

Peer training provided by NTAHC NSP; contact details:

  • Darwin NTAHC NSP Ph (08) 8944 7710
  • Palmerston NTAHC NSP Ph (08) 8931 3676
  • Alice Springs NTAHC NSP Ph (08) 8953 3172: Alice Springs NTAHC is able to supply prescriptions through DASA, Alcohol & other Drugs Services of Central Australia (ADSCA) now has free Nyxoid available and is accessible to Alice Springs clients



QuIHN – QuIHN is a statewide, not for profit, and non-government health service which provides a variety of health services to people who use drugs throughout Queensland

South Australia

South Australia is part of the Commonwealth Government’s Take Home Naloxone Program

SA Health: Vouchers for no cost naloxone are available through a range of settings including hospital and community pharmacies, prisons, primary care settings, alcohol and other drug services and Clean Needle Program sites. Vouchers are provided with brief advice (PDF 285KB) on preventing and responding to the adverse effects of opioids.

Vouchers can be presented to a pharmacist in exchange for naloxone. See the list of registered community pharmacies in SA.



The Tasmanian Government is investing in a trial of free take-home naloxone to people who are at risk of an opioid overdose.

The free take-home naloxone will be available from the following Needle and Syringe Program services: https://www.health.tas.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/411278/117_Naloxone.pdf



  • Naloxone Subsidy Initiative: Take home naloxone and vouchers for free naloxone from pharmacies available from select NSPs across Victoria. Find participating NSPs via DirectLine: www.directline.org.au
  • Peer training provided by Harm Reduction Victoria: https://www.hrvic.org.au/d-o-p-e, (03) 9329 1500
  • AOD workers (& related disciplines) trained by the Penington Institute’s COPE program: info@penington.org.au, (03) 9650 0699 (online training available)

Western Australia

Western Australia is part of the Commonwealth Government’s Take Home Naloxone Program

  • Naloxone Peer Education project – provided for free through the WA Mental Health Commission (MHC) and Peer Based Harm Reduction WA
  • Perth and Bunbury: can drop in to Peer Based Harm Reduction WA sites, or call for outreach delivery; Perth: 0418 946 706; South West: 0418 739 372